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Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Week of Advent

We have reached the last week of Advent and have only four days left to prepare out hearts to receive Jesus anew with more fervor and love. Every year, we grow in our capacity to love. We have more to be grateful about and more to rejoice about as we grow older. I am talking about our growth in our interior life. We may lament our decrease in energy or mobility, but we are alive and still growing in the things that matter most.

Since this is a special year of Mercy, let us be merciful and take all into our hearts to help with our prayer, but let us realize that all the suffering in this world is not able to deprive us of gratitude and joy for the many gifts we receive daily. Mary will help us to grow in love and mercy.
“At Christmas,” Pope Francis concluded, “God gives us all of Himself by giving His one and only Son, who is all his joy – and only with the heart of Mary, the humble and poor daughter of Zion, become the Mother of the Son of the Most High, that we can rejoice and be glad for the great gift of God and for His unpredictable surprise: may she help us to perceive the wonder, these three wonders: the other, history and the Church; so let it be with the birth of Jesus – the gift of gifts – the undeserved gift that brings us salvation, that it might also make us feel this wonder in meeting Jesus. We cannot have this wonder, however, we cannot meet Jesus, if we do not meet Him in the other, in history and in the Church.”
 (from Vatican Radio)

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