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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fourth Sunday of Advent

He is coming soon! The Gospel tells us how Mary went with haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth who the angel had told Mary was with child. The Holy Spirit enlightened Elizabeth who greeted Mary with the words we say in every "Hail Mary" - "Blessed art thou among women" and the unborn child in the womb of Elizabeth leaped for joy. Mary communicated Jesus just be her presence. She was the first missionary who carried Jesus to others. I am sure she was just wanting to be with Elizabeth; after the Angel Gabriel had appeared to Mary, I am sure she pondered in her heart what this was going to mean for her, for Joseph, for her parents, and then for all people. Let us stay with Mary in wonder and desire for the coming of the Lord again in a special way this Christmas.

I do believe that Christmas is a special time to draw nearer to Jesus who came as a helpless infant to reveal God's love for us.

Mother Stuart says in her meditation on "O Emmanuel" that "God is with us; when this is said, all is said, the desire of four thousand years and of all ages to come are accomplished...all our work is to prepare the way of Our Lord by expectation and desire of the coming of salvation." She adds that the keynote of religious life is God with us.

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