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Friday, June 3, 2016

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Today we renew our vows during the Mass at Carrollton. We have vowed to follow Jesus Christ in the Society of the Sacred Heart by perpetual obedience, poverty, and chastity....

Following Jesus Christ in the Society of the Sacred Heart means loving and being loved. We are called to discover the love of Jesus for each of us and to reveal that love to others by loving each with the love drawn from the Heart of Jesus. We go to prayer to let ourselves be loved by Jesus and then go to give His Love to others. His Heart is always open for us and He waits for us; He invites us to come to Him.

I know as I leave tomorrow morning for California that Jesus is with me and is waiting for me there. I also know that He loves all those I love and, as His love is infinite and all-powerful, I confide all to His Heart. Goodbyes have been getting harder, but I know Jesus will take care of all I leave behind. He is the good Shepherd and watches over each of us with tender love.

I am now taking that vacation until mid-June.

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