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Monday, June 27, 2016

Living Water

Water is such a gift and when I think of living water I think of the Heart of Jesus. We are so blessed and this image means much to me for this is life-giving water. We need the water that flows from His Heart, but we also need clean water to drink and so many are struggling to get this water.

Here at Oakwood the renovations are continuing and so we will be eating outside for lunch while the Garden Room is being done. It is really only lunch when about twenty-five of us eat there that we will be outside. Canopies have been erected and it is a lovely patio outside the dining room. If my nephew ever comes to see me, you will see more pictures of the beauty of Oakwood. I need him to help me transfer the pictures from my I-phone and I-pad into my laptop so I can use them in my blog. In the meantime, picture a huge white oak in the middle of the patio and flowers around the edges. It is so lovely. At breakfast, those of us who live in Westwood have breakfast around our large dining room table. The food is brought over by one of the aides and she cooks our eggs to order! In the evening, I eat in the other dining room as most of the community are eating in the fireside room to watch the news.

Here is a quote from St. Madeleine Sophie: "Which of us can read the gospel of the Samaritan woman, and not say 'give me to drink....give me this living water'? One drop alone would light up in our hearts the fire of God's love, and so also zeal for the salvation of the world."

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