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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Two weeks so full

It is only two weeks since I left Miami. This was my prayer shelf in Miami next to my chair. I have the picture, have not yet found my little cross, and I left the world behind and miss it. This was the globe I used to hold in my hand and trace the continents to confide each to the love of Jesus as our world needs such help today. I do not need the globe, but miss it. I am still fixing my room and need to get rid of other things, too. Perhaps this afternoon as my brother and his wife are driving back to Arizona today. It was a great visit and I am grateful that they could come and they helped me to get settled. The most important thing was getting my computer set up and helping me to get into my Amazon account. I had used another computer at home and no longer had the right e-mail and passwords as they had been automatic in the Dell computer. Now, I think I still need help with getting my pictures from my phone into my laptop and then my blog.

Anyway, it has been a very full two weeks with all the unpacking, the retreat, the getting settled with the nurses here, etc. I love just to sit in the Chapel but feel that my prayer is just now only sitting in the Presence of God and listening to Him. It helps to know that God is also loving me and just wants to sit with me.

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