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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Re-Reading Your Week?

This picture was taken on the 17 Mile Drive and we had a gorgeous day. Now, I have been reflecting on the past week and how many graces I have received. I think I shall try to do this each Sunday. It is inspired by reading the calls of the Argentina-Uruguay Province as part of our preparation for the General Chapter in July. They speak of a weekly "re-reading". I would like to do this and perhaps look for someone to do it with here at Oakwood.
I have been faithful to writing a review of the month and sharing it during this year and find it helpful. I call it "Checking in" and I have enjoyed doing this as it helps me to see what the Lord is saying to me and doing in me. Of course, it helps that I try to jot something down in my Journal daily.
Here are a couple of thoughts from the little Elf Help booklet, Prayer Therapy" as I intend to give the booklet away today to someone who is recovering from surgery and is in rehab:
"Prayer has many methods. Do it your own way."
"If for any reason you cannot pray, relax. The desire to pray is already a prayer."
"When your heart is bursting with thanks, just be. God's spirit is praying within you."
"When you are overawed my Mystery, just be. God's spirit is praying within you."

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