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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Peter and Paul look so serious; it is not the way I think of them. Both were so full of life and spontaneous; they also were men of passion and fidelity. Both showed great emotion but were leaders of men. I love reading their letters in the New Testament. If you have not sat down to read a letter straight through for some time, do so and you will be rewarded by having the author come alive for you - at least that has been my experience.

On another subject, I greeted one of our Religious who has been living in Japan for years and is here to make her retreat. She saw me and pulled out from her purse a gift and beautiful card from the Principal in Tokyo who reads my blog each day. It really made my day as she said that when my daily blog arrives, " I am  so happy and feel that God is speaking to me. Somehow, most of the time, what you wrote was exactly what I needed to hear that day." This, of course, made me happy and grateful for the Holy Spirit , I hope, is the one who inspires me to keep writing. I have been adding a quote from St. Madeleine Sophie as I think she is speaking to many through this blog. Today's quote is good for those who fear making mistakes. She says:
"It is quite certain that the best way of avoiding too many mistakes is to live in union with God by recollection, the spirit of prayer and complete dependence on God's will. The light of the Holy Spirit transforms our nature and gives us a Wisdom and Prudence which are the very virtues of God."
Cindy, an administrative assistant here, came over and looked at my laptop and seemed to just do the things I had tried, but it worked for her and I am so happy to have it behaving again. We do not know what happened, but one is grateful and I guess it is rather like sometimes being stuck, not knowing what one should do, nothing seems to be working in our prayer life and then, suddenly all is well and we can only be grateful that God is again active in our lives. He certainly was active in the lives of Peter and Paul. Let us pray for the Church today!

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