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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Remembering my Guided Imagery Retreat

Last January, I made a guided imagery retreat for the first time. The images have stayed with me and often come to me in prayer. I go back to the one where a mermaid appeared to me and beckoned me to follow her. We swam out in the ocean and then went down to the bottom and I followed her for some distance before we came to a huge rock on the ocean floor. The rock was really a house and she showed me a crevice through which I entered. Inside was a lovely room with a domed ceiling; there were no windows in the room but comfortable furniture and a book case on one wall. As I went to explore the bookcase, I saw a door. I opened it and found myself in a beautiful white bedroom. The rug was white, the bed had a white bedspread, there were white drapes at the large picture window which looked out on the ocean and one could see all sorts of bright colored fish swimming. I then noticed that Jesus was sitting on the cushioned window seat waiting for me. He told me that He had prepared this home for me where we could be together. I would need to go back to the notes of this experience to say more, but the image of this home under the sea has never left me and I know Jesus waits for me to descend and just be with Him.
Now, that is a very personal sharing, but I feel that each of us has different ways of experiencing the presence of Jesus - this was one of mine.

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