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Monday, August 21, 2017

A Great Read

Freedom Child by Chandra Lee Ingram, Ignatius Press, 2016 is a book that will help you to understand human slavery in our world today. Chandra was born on July 4, 1998 and was so shocked and appalled by what she saw in India and other nations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, and Nepal. She returned to California and began writing about her experience while still in the sixth grade. She heard a guest speaker talk about modern slavery and she was filled with the desire to help end the practice. She started to write this book when she was in seventh grade and it grew into a novel. It is a moving story and she is an alum of our school here in Atherton. I started the book last night after hearing her presentation at Oakwood yesterday. I am about half way through the book but I know that it is one that others should read to make us aware of what goes on, not only in all other countries, but here in California. Sex slavery of children is widespread and we need to realize this and do something about it. I NOW have finished the book and given it to others. It has made me want to do something about the problem of human trafficking and slavery.

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