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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Tomorrow my brother and sister-in-law will arrive from Gold Canyon, Arizona. They are driving and should arrive around 5:00 PM and I am really looking forward to seeing them. I think we will go to Half Moon Bay on Monday and some places around here on Tuesday and then we will drive to San Diego but take our time so we will spend one night in a motel. Then I will stay in our community from Thursday night until Monday, but we will be visiting with my sister and her husband who are in a condo on the beach in Coronado. I think the anticipation is half the fun of the vacation planned for next week.

This has made me think of how we often anticipate a special day or event and enjoy it more because we have anticipated it for days or even weeks. How much more are we filled with the joy of anticipating heaven? I have so many friends there now that I am anticipating a real homecoming.

I really was writing about this week of vacation to explain that I may not be posting while I am away. You can anticipate my next blog at least by August 30. Actually, I have been scheduling ahead all month so I am more peaceful when I sit down to write whatever the Holy Spirit puts into my mind. Sometimes I think the Spirit types something that I did not even have in mind! It is an interesting feeling to find oneself typing under inspiration and not conscious thinking. Try it.

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