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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mary's Queenship

This picture was the one I wanted for the Assumption and now it reminds me of the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. This feast is now celebrated on August 22 (it was for several years on the my birthday, May 31).  I love knowing that Mary is so honored. I will be with my brother and sister-in-law next week, but I am trying to schedule ahead. If I miss a day, you will know that I am away as we plan to drive down to San Diego to see my sister and her husband on Coronado. I will be staying at one of our communities in San Diego from August 24 to 28. I think my brother is planning to drive back to Arizona on Saturday, but I am staying until Monday so I can see the community.
Now, I want to share the words to this Marian hymn with you to reflect on today: The title is Mary, Woman of Promise
Mary, woman of promise,
Vessel of your people's dreams,
Through your open, willing spirit
Waters of God's goodness streamed.

Mary, song of holy wisdom,
Sung before the world began,
Faithful to the Word within you
Carried out God's wondrous plan.

Mary, morning star of justice;
Mirror of the radiant light,
In the shadows of life's journey,
Be a beacon for our sight.

Mary, model of compassion;
Wounded by your offspring's pain,
When our hearts are torn by sorrow,
Teach us how to love again.

Mary, woman of the Gospel;
Humble home for treasured seed;
Help us to be true disciples
Bearing fruit in word and deed.

Test: Mary Frances Fleischaker, 1988 Music: STUTTGART, 87,87; Christian F. Witt.1660-1716.

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