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Saturday, August 5, 2017

What does St. Madeleine Sophie think ?

The Society of the Sacred Heart has spread all over the world. We are on every continent and in 43 countries. We are one body and we are not afraid to set sail; we are responding to the needs of our world with new frontiers opening to us. We have the courage to go forth and meet today's challenges. We owe much to St. Madeleine Sophie and to St. Philippine Duchesne.

Now, here at Oakwood, surrounded by love and care, what does God want of me? What do our two canonized saints have to say to me? To all of us?
Sophie tells me that prayer and the interior life are essential and I must take the means to deepen my love of God. She wants me to create silence so I can hear the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and follow them.
Philippine counts me as her daughter since she has been watching over me ever since I was a child at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles. I have always found her strong love giving me courage and I desire her gift of prayer. Now, you, too, should reflect on what Sophie and Philippine might be saying to you today!

I think we may be sure that they want to tell us something, if we ask and listen with all our hearts.

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