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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Back from a wonderful Guided Imagery Retreat

My room at the Dominican vacation house in Santa Cruz looks right out on the ocean. the above picture is taken from a little nook overlooking the Pacific right outside my room. The week flew by and I loved the silence, the stormy weather, the time with my guide every afternoon and the three longer sessions on every other morning for the Guided Imagery. My guide plays the music while I lie on the bed and speak out loud whatever comes and she writes it all down. For me, it is especially a gift that my guide is also my spiritual director and I see her every month here at Oakwood where she has been coming to see some of the Religious of the Sacred Heart here for over twenty-one years. She spends the third week of each month here so there is time to see over twenty of us. She is wise, loving, and really an excellent spiritual director so I love being able to make the GIM retreat with her. This is my third year and I must say it gets better each year.
What is most striking for me is the realization that God only wants to love me. In each of my morning GIMs I was immersed in God's love. I also had times when Our Lady came and let me hold the Infant Jesus; twice I found myself in the Oakwood Chapel with Our Lady sitting next to me! The deepest part of my experience was feeling the love of God, the entire Trinity, possessing me, filling every part of my being; now I am home and called to give His Love to others.
Every evening we had prayer on the theme of the day. At night we shared whatever we wanted of our experience during the day. The group seemed to be sure at the end that I had convinced them that we go to prayer to let God love us. I hope you believe this, too!

My window is at the far right; the three windows you see in the middle are the dining room and then the rest is the living room. It is a vacation house so my room has no heat, but I can open my door and feel some. One of the group built a lovely fire in the fireplace every evening for our night sharing. I am really grateful for all the prayer that made this week so special!

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