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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wisdom's Way

This excerpt on Wisdom from Joyce Rupp makes me think of St. Madeleine Sophie who was so wise - we are all called to follow Wisdom's Way.

to you I come:
you are the Wisdom of God
you are the Whirl of the Spirit
you are the Star in my heart.
open my being to the radiance of your presence
to the guidance of your companionship
to the compassion of your indwelling
to the lighting of your blessed vision.
trusted friend, beloved companion
mercy-maker, truth-bearer, love-dweller
all goodness resides within you.
take me by the hand
bless the frailty of my weak places
strengthen my ability to dwell in darkness
for it is there that your deepest secrets are revealed.
we walk together. 

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