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Monday, January 22, 2018

Sharing My Guided Imagery

We each had three guided imagery with our Guides; mine were all an experience of God's love. Each was different but the feeling of being intensely loved by God was the same in each. I wrote my synthesis that is supposed to be an integration of all the elements of my retreat. I am willing to share it with you, but you must remember that this was a week of soul-work and, at least for me, feelings dominated. The 3 insights I wrote on the triangle on the synthesis page were: called to intimacy with God; God loves me intensely and I am to give His love to others; when I am open and surrendered, God takes possession.

I think that sums up the retreat but will share a bit more. We were to list recurring images. (Even feelings are considered to be images)
God's love
Indwelling of the Trinity
God-tree (this was a huge white oak tree at the top of the hill)
Jesus, and the Infant Jesus, and the Heart of Jesus
Mary who let me hold the Infant Jesus and stayed with me
Chapel at Oakwood
Communion of Saints

I guess sharing my retreat makes it deeper, but I am not sure it can be understood. I do know that God wants us to allow Him to love us!

Here is a quote from St. Madeleine Sophie that someone has sent me and I want to share for your reflection: "Let us open our heart in confidence to the spirit of joy; all that we have is God's. What is there to fear?" 

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