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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Any contact with Jesus gives us the possibility of transformation. What do I mean by transformation? I think it is a complete change of mind and heart.

In our formation document we speak of "our need to be transformed so that we may glimpse the face of Christ in the faces of the poor and in one another." It talks about God's love, "profound and transforming, which is the source that sustains our life together." 

"As women we are experiencing the need to keep on being more deeply present to this process of transformation that God is accomplishing in us." That is an important truth to remember: it is God's work in us, not ours. Transformation is always the fruit of an Encounter. "It happens when we venture with our whole being into a deep, sincere encounter with God and let ourselves be encountered by God, just as we are, with nothing in our lives remaining outside of this encounter."

We are "to let ourselves be transformed and renewed, so that we can respond from the depths of our being, and throughout our lives, remembering who we are and by Whom we were called."

These are just a few quotes to reflect on today.

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