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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


A year ago for the Feast of the Epiphany we drew "stars to follow during the New Year." It is a custom we have in the Society of the Sacred Heart;  I drew wonder and awe. Then, in the Guided Imagery Retreat, there is a question at the end of the paper we fill in after more prayer and reflection. The question is "What are your wonder questions?" I found this rather hard to answer so have been reflecting on it ever since. 
I guess I wonder why God is so good to me? I think of the extent of our universe, the stars in the sky, and I am filled with wonder and awe. I read somewhere that "to wonder is to stand in awe of the ultimate mystery of life and to understand that mystery exists not merely in the ecstatic but in the ordinary daily life." This quote is from Rob Lehman quoted in Seeds of Awakening.
Children have a sense of wonder. I think contemplatives also are full of wonder as God is so much greater than our thoughts and will always evoke wonder and awe. Let us all be filled with childlike wonder as we gaze at creation today. 

"Years wrinkle the skin--but to give up wonder wrinkles the soul." Reginald Stewart

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