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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Theme of Each Day

Each morning at breakfast there were sheets giving a poem or some quotes on the day's theme. Actually, we were given the themes on the back of the schedule the first day and then the theme was developed in the evening prayer with music or songs chosen to fit the theme. The entire retreat had the title of 
Walking the Faith of Wisdom:
Day 1 - Wisdom's Way
Day 2 - Creating Space
Day 3- Thirsting for Deeper Water
Day 4 - The Heart knows the Way
Day 5 - Walking the Path
Day 6 - The Divine Touch
Day 7 - Invitation to Intimacy
Day 8 - Wisdom's Way

I did not take notes when the guides took turns talking about the theme of the day each evening, but I do have the morning papers that I read during breakfast and sometimes again during the day and I will share some of them with you as I am too filled with this retreat to write about anything else. I may even be able to share my guided imagery after I have taken a few days to digest all that happened. I will certainly be sharing some of it!

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