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Friday, January 26, 2018

Random Thoughts

My thoughts have been very much on the gifts given me by one of our Religious who died so peacefully early Wednesday morning. She had celebrated her 100th birthday with a great party just weeks before and she was so mentally alert. However, she was on hospice and knew the end was near. She was so interested in all and so humble. At her party, when so many were giving testimony to her many gifts, I learned that much of the altar linens had been made by her; she used to bake cookies and bring them to the community; she taught so many to love science, etc. It is her gift of prayer that most has helped me. She was a holy woman, a true Religious of the Sacred Heart.
All of us will be going to God sooner or later. We have this time to prepare to be with God for all eternity. Let us use it wisely.

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