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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Thirsting for Deeper Waters

The theme for the second full day of the retreat was Thirsting for Deeper Waters and that was the title of the reflective poem by Edward Potts. I need to say that the theme of the day only influenced the "morning paper" found at breakfast and the prayer before dinner - I really never thought of it during the day as one is concentrated on whatever happens in your Guided Imagery. 
I am only thinking about the themes now, after the retreat. I love the title: Thirsting for Deeper Waters and the poem is about the woman Jesus met at the well. I shall copy it here for you as it is worth reflecting on today.

I am the woman He met at the well,
my life was in shambles, I was living in hell.
He asked for a drink and I filled a cup,
he talked and I listened as He tilted it up.

He told of my life and what it had been,
he knew all about my living in sin,
he spoke so gently, my heart almost burst, 
"Drink of my water and you'll never more thirst."

He said His Father on heaven's throne above,
looked down on this world with a heart full of love.
No price was too great, no life too small,
so in loving kindness, God was giving His all.

"You've heard of the Messiah, well I am the ONe,
I am called Jesus, God's Son.
It's to people like you my Father sent me so
drink from my cup, I'll set you free."

I rushed from the well and ran into town,
called for the people to gather around.
"The man at the well says the Messiah has come.
He told me my life, everything I had done."

I went to the well a woman in sin,
when I left that well I had Jesus within.
The curse on my lips had been changed into praise,
I'll never more thirst the rest of my days.

"They shall not hunger or thirst, neither scorching wind nor sun shall strike them, for he will lead them, and by springs of water will guide them."  
                        Isaiah 49:10

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