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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Attitudes of Heart

We began the fourth day of our retreat with the importance of our studying the interior dispositions  of the Heart of Jesus.

Since I have updated my blog, Google seems to be making it difficult to add a picture so I will not try again today. 
I spent most of the fourth day of retreat with this quote from our Constitutions of 1982:

"The spirit of the Society is essentially based upon prayer and the interior life since we cannot glorify the adorable Heart of Jesus worthily except inasmuch as we apply ourselves to study His interior disposition in order to unite and conform ourselves to them."

And then in #18 of the 1982 Constitutions:

"Jesus calls us to a personal encounter with Him. He wants to make known to us the feelings and the preferences of His Heart."

Maybe I have solved the problem about the picture!

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