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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Relatedness and Aloneness

Since we are still sheltering in place, I want you to think about your relatedness and your aloneness. Both are necessary and good, but some people are strong introverts and do not seem to need much relatedness. I think most of us need both the relatedness and the aloneness.
How are we relating to one another now? Often we are just with family while sheltering in place. However, I am sure that the phone and internet have made it quite easy to continue to relate to many, many others. Or, you may just want to escape for some quiet time if your home is full of people. Small children can be very demanding or at least need your attention so you may be craving time alone, even while sheltering in place. Joy is to be had in moments of silence, but I think joy comes from relationship to others. 
I am grateful for the many who have reached out to me, to us, at Oakwood during this time. I am so glad I can receive mail as well as email to stay in touch with family and friends. Others prefer the phone. I am getting to love zoom meetings. 

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