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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Entering into retreat

As we go into retreat, I thought I would translate a bit of a prayer that I have in French. I do not know the author, but I suspect it was one of our Mother Generals. I just use some of it sometimes as it is in a book I made with prayers and pictures.

"O Jesus, here I am before you, poor little sinful creature!....I beg the grace of your presence. Allow me to descend a little into the depths of your solitary soul, to enter into your prayer...
Your Heart is alone in its Life of adoration, of praise, of reparation...In order to descend into the depths of Your Heart, make me a silent soul, detached and offered. Amen.

Do pray that the entire house will be silent for the next eight days so we can descend into the depths of the Heart of Christ and pray for the world.

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