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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Mary was very present to me during our retreat. It was a wonderful eight days in perfect silence and prayer. I loved the retreat and took more notes than I usually do as I think I will be going over the talks for several weeks. Sister Kahy Conan gave us the retreat via zoom with two talks each day. She has been our Mother General, one of the Probation Team, Mistress of Novices, and now is on the team for renewal of sisters who are older but under 75, I think. Anyway, it was a retreat to remember because it was letting God take the initiative. On the second day, Kathy suggested that we let God lead us through our lives. I found this very fruitful and pass the idea on to you today. Start even before your birth; God remembers even if you do not. Let God take the initiative in recalling scenes from your whole life. Talk to Him about what He shows you. And ask Our Lady to be with you today and with all those who are sick and dying and with all the caregivers.

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