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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Let God lead you through your life

My blog has been confusing me with the latest update. I could not get to my photos this morning except for this one taken when I was still teaching at the University. So, at least some will remember when I was younger. I am not going to fuss more this morning as it took me a long time just to find a way to schedule a blog for today.

I am sharing some of my retreat and I am deepening it for myself by going over it. The second day was about God's relationship with me and my relationship with God. I think you would agree that this could be enough for several days of prayer and reflection. I began by asking God to tell me about my birth and early life. Then God began to show me how He had attracted me to visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament and so we went through my whole life. It is good to let God tell you the story of your relationship from God's perspective. I think this was one of the graces of the retreat that I want to pass on to you today. Let God tell you about your journey and how you have grown in your relationship with Him. 

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