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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Feast of St. James the Great

Here we go again.   I am still trying to write under this picture.    Today is my niece's birthday!     She is still, as head of St. Vincent del Paul, feeding about 150 each day and sheltering more at night to keep them off the streets in Oakland. My brother-in-law is also celebrating a birthday this week end in Scottsdale. 
                                                                                                                                                                   St. James was the brother of John, the sons of Zebedee who left their boats and the miraculous catch of fish to follow Jesus. James, John, and Peter are the three friends that Jesus would both take up the mountain to pray with Him and witness His Transfiguration and also these three were invited to pray with Jesus when He was in the garden in agony before being betrayed and taken away; then all His apostles fled. James, however, later was among the first of the apostles to follow Jesus in death. He was beheaded by Herod. 

We are now required to wear masks when together in the house as well as outside. Since I depend on lipreading, I will need to carry my phone with "Live Transcribe" in order to hear. So many are dying in so many places and we are being taken good care of and locked down until, I think, many weeks more. 

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