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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Eucharist continued

Our Constitutions have several passages about the Eucharist in our daily life. 
"Through the Eucharist we enter into the mystery of the open side of Jesus. In our daily life, the Eucharist celebrates His death and resurrection, the reality which lies at the heart of the sufferings and hopes of the human family.
Through the Eucharist we are drawn into the gift of Jesus to His Father for the life of the world, and in His Body we are gathered into one.

That is enough to reflect on today. Do pray for our Provincial Chapter which begins tomorrow and lasts four days. It is a new experience to have a Chapter on Zoom. We are 96 voting delegates working in 16 tables with six at each table. All is based on discernment to answer the questions preparing for the Special Chapter in 2021; we are trying to plan for fifteen years from now and I will not even be alive then!

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