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Friday, July 17, 2020

Returning to the 7th Day of our Zoom Retreat

This is a gorgeous picture of Lake Tahoe. One of my former students
is in the canoe. My senior from last year just returned from Tahoe and told me that the lake was still very cold and only comfortable in a wet suit. I may be up there again next February and that is something to look forward to as I miss being able to go to the ocean this summer.

Now I am under the picture and will continue with the end of our wonderful zoom retreat.

The 7th Day was on the Passion and praying with the pierced 

Heart of Christ. St. Madeleine Sophie spoke constantly of the power 

of Christ's death and resurrection as the source of inner peace and 

transformation if we have the courage to go into the depths.

I think I spent the day more on my own reflection and started with 

the Agony in the Garden. That is where the struggle took place for 

Jesus to accept His suffering and death for love of us. He showed

Himself so fully human and wanted his three chosen ones to stay 

awake and pray with him, but they kept falling asleep!

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