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Thursday, July 9, 2020


I have been thinking about solidarity and then found this that I would like to share:

I no longer think of our work as service, but as an act of solidarity, of becoming one with our neighbors. Service implies a vertical relationship, one above another. Solidarity calls for a horizontal, two-way relationship between equals, one to one. Of course, God is at the center of it all. —Tom M.

Today is the first day of our Provincial Chapter and we are meeting by zoom to discern questions concerning the future of the Society. I suspect that I am the oldest one among the 96 voting members; I will not be alive in 15 years, but I love imagining what the future of our Society will be like. Do pray for these next four days; we will be working in home tables on the zoom and then consensus tables of six. I think it was a tremendous amount of work to organize all of this and on Sunday we will be nominating some for our Special Chapter which will be held in Spain in 2021.

I am going to continue the retreat sharing during the Chapter as I am scheduling ahead for my blog.

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