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Thursday, July 2, 2020

What attitude, disposition, or "state of Jesus attracts me now?

One thing that perhaps was new for me in this retreat was to think of "states" of Jesus. The moment of the Incarnation appeals me as Jesus became fully human "like us in all things, except sin" as Paul tells us.
He came as a helpless baby and had to learn to turn over, sit up, walk, talk, eat when he had his baby teeth, etc. I find this state of the vulnerability of Jesus brings Him so close to me. We have a call from our 2016 General Chapter to become "more fully human". Jesus shows us how to reach out to others, to have compassion, to seek out those who are in need, etc.

The rest of day 4 was spent, at least by me, in going over our formation booklet again. I love the title: "Life Unfolding - Offering the Gift Received"! This time, I was looking at it from where I am now that I have advanced in age. I feel offered, loved, and still on the way to live all that our vocation calls us to live with joy and peace.

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