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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Resurrection and the Life of the Spirit

Sister Kathy Conan gave us the afternoon on Day 7 on the 

Resurrection and then closed the retreat on

the 8th day with "The Life of the Spirit."  I love all that we were 

given, but will talk now about the last day with the Holy Spirit.

"Aware that it is always the Spirit who transforms us, we take

seriously the responsibility of collaborating with the work of God

throughout our lives." (Constitutions #73)

And this is one of my favorite quotes from our Constitutions #$21:

"The Spirit dwelling within us gradually transforms us, enabling us

through His power to remove whatever hinders His action. The Spirit

unites and conforms us to Jesus and makes us sensitive to His 

presence within ourselves, in others and in all that happens."

I think that is enough to reflect on now for the retreat. I hope to 

be living my life a bit differently after making this retreat. I am 

really more aware of the Holy Spirit working in me.

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