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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

A New Year full of Challenges

 As we begin this New Year we are aware of many challenges facing us and our world today. It is a call to prayer, Since I love Bill Barry and I am sure he would be happy from heaven to have me quote from one of his books, I think it will be enriching for all of us. I will try to summarize in my own words much of what Bill says in one of his books that I took from our Spiritual Library this morning; I almost felt the Holy Spirit pushing the book into my hands. Since I am trying to live this year in "Docility to the Holy Spirit, I will be using What Do I Want In Prayer  to just go back and really get in touch with our desires. Bill's books are all about deepening our relationship with God and speaking to Him and listening to Him as one friend does with another. When you have a friendship with someone, you really want to spend time with him or her just getting to know one another. That is what we are called to do with God. Jesus, who is both God and man, is fully human as well as divine; but this means that Jesus longs for us to stay with Him, to tell Him our hopes and fears, our sorrows and joys. Let us begin today to find some time alone to just be with Jesus. Sometimes we will just sit in silence, but we also need to talk about our frustrations both with the pandemic and with our political problems that influence so many. Let Jesus know how you feel, what bothers you, what you want to thank for and what gives you joy.

This is the best advice I can give for this new year so full of challenges.

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