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Monday, January 4, 2021

Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

 I read a life of Elizabeth Ann Seton many years ago and have loved her ever since. She was a young girl, wealthy family and friends, had her own spirited horse, and had a wonderful wedding and was much in love with her husband. They had several children before her husband took her to Italy. I believe it was a business trip for him but she wanted the sea voyage to improve his health. It did not improve, his lungs were badly damaged and worsened in the quarantine they had to suffer when the boat arrived. Her husband died and Elizabeth was struck by the faith and goodness of his friends in Italy who were Catholics. Later, when home. Elizabeth decided to take instructions and become a Catholic even if it meant estrangement from her family. She ended up accepting an invitation from the Bishop of Baltimore to come and begin a school for children. Later, with other women who helped her, she founded her congregation. This is all from memory of that book I read so many years ago. She is worth looking up as she is the earliest canonized American saint. 

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