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Friday, January 15, 2021

Going My Way

 This morning we are having the old movie, "Going My Way" at my request so I will be watching it with nine others from 9:30 to our dinner time at noon. (Actually, I am writing this blog on Thursday having just had a great zoom with RSCJs and others from all over as it was on the work of our International Education Committee. It was great to see the enthusiasm that our mission of education always generates.)

As I listened to all the excellent suggestions given, I kept thinking that what is most important in our mission of education is to give the students a sense of being loved unconditionally by God and I think we do that by loving each as she or he is and letting them know that they are loved.

I have had some great zooms this week and the time goes by so quickly. I wanted and need to write notes and hope to get to that this afternoon. We have not heard when we will get the vaccine yet, but I hope it is soon.

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