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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A place of Prayer


Our Chapel at Oakwood is both a place of prayer and for prayer. We each have our own chair and mine is up front just to the left of the picture. Actually, the flowers on the left are usually just a couple of feet away from my chair. I usually pray in my room in the morning, but always have an hour of adoration in the Chapel in the afternoon. I usually spend most of the hour just being present to Jesus who is always present with me. I can click on my hearing aids and have complete silence. It is sinking into silence that is so life-giving for me; I am convinced that Jesus just wants me to sit there and let His Love penetrate my whole being.
On Saturday, I had a Guided Imagery Meditation with music on zoom with 16 wonderful, prayerful, women. Music was played after a relaxation exercise that left us somewhere beautiful with a rainbow.
I found myself in the rainbow and Jesus came and took me by the hand and invited me to climb the rainbow. I told Jesus that I could not do that as I do not have the energy anymore to climb anything. He just smiled and said that I did not need to climb; we would float up. Still holding me by the hand, we began to ascend. I was aware for the lovely colors of the rainbow and felt that there were many others present but I did not see them nor hear them. When we got to the end of the rainbow, we were able to look down upon the world. I could see the different countries clearly because of different colors. Then I found myself in the universe and the sky was lit by millions of stars and the moon. Jesus let me know that He cared for the entire universe, not just our world.

We are asked to write out what happened in the present tense and that is what is so powerful. I feel that the rainbow represents my life and that Jesus is with me every step of the way. There is no fear because he is holding my hand and I am floating with Him as we ascend. I cannot do this but Jesus makes all things possible.
I just thought you might like to read about my guided imagery as I am to work with it this week and then we have another sharing on Saturday.

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