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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Pondering and Treasuring

 Every year a dear friend of mine in Miami writes an ephiphany poem; this year she discovered that she was using the same title so this poem is "Pondering and Treasuring (2)

Weary from challenge and ever "breaking news"

from crisis and grief in this year's past...

Let's pause a bit --deep inside,

where silence prevails, but memories last.

Like Mary, we can ponder adn mull over things,

examine perspectives, shift our gaze,

in the midst of uncertainty, loss and fear,

we can see the light also, in so may ways.

Like her, we can treasure the things that are good--

our families, our friends, the whole medical scene,

grocery store and InstaCart persons,

scientists working nonstop to make a vaccine.

We can hole and treasure the light in the dark,

the skies and the waters, pets, flowers...a tree,

Zoom visits, Face Time, and You Tube events,

loved faces as we click on a screen we can see.

In a year that has turned things upside down, 

in the dark, we can know that we're still richly blessed,

and ponder and treasure how closely we're held,

and in spite of the times, feel an ultimate Yes.

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