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Monday, March 15, 2021

Daylight Saving Is Here With Longer Evenings

 Although we will be getting up in the dark, it is nice to have light after supper. We are praying together every night in Westwood, the six of us who live there at this moment in time. I suspect we may get others as soon as travel is safe. It is nice to be together each evening for an evening prayer and time to reflect back on the day. I like to think of all the things I am grateful for and thank God for each.

We are having cold nights but lovely days and I sat outside for a visit with one of our sisters who lives in an apartment here on the grounds in what I call the compound as there are three single apartments and two community houses. We built the buildings but the land belongs to the school so now we are renting the buildings. There is also a laundry and it is very nice, but the houses which have four bedrooms and two baths are not fully occupied. You need to be independent and able to walk back and forth to live there. I am happy to be in Westwood and only need to cross the patio to be in the dining rooms and Chapel. I have a beautiful view from my window with a fountain in the patio where the birds and squirrels bathe and drink. 

We have all the decorations up for St. Patrick's Day. 

I had a Guided Imagery by Zoom last Saturday. I found myself at the foot of the Andes mountains in Chile and Jesus came and invited me to climb the mountain with him. He held me as we climbed and when we came to a plateau with a sort of rocky ledge on the mountain side, we sat down and Jesus told me again the same message I have been getting in prayer: "God just wants you to allow God to love you and then let that love flow through you to others." I really felt the love of God and it was a consoling and joyful moment and then I saw that there were many people in front of us. One group consisted of all those who have helped me to find God in my life and the rest of the people were those to whom God's love reached through me. I saw all my First Communicants, friends from years ago, colleagues, students, etc. Later, I went back to search for faces among the people who were "guides" for me and I could easily see and name about two dozen. 

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