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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Spring is coming

 Our patio is full of Joniquils and Tulips, a sure sign that Spring is coming to California or at least to Oakwood. We do not have many tulips blooming yet, but I do think all the joniquils are in bloom. The trees are just beginning to bud. I am trying to connect the season of Lent with Spring.

I am learning to praise God as I walk in the patio. I guess I have time now to be more contemplative and just stop and enjoy the new life that is springing up in our patio. I am ashamed that I do not know the names of so many of our plants and trees, but I am enjoying seeing new life emerging.

I wonder if our souls are also sprouting new life and if we are taking time to enjoy what is coming forth? Maybe I can name some of the seeds that are now blooming in my soul. I know I recognize trust, gratitude, hope, and love. I also see some weeds that need to be pulled. How is the garden of your soul?

What needs to be uprooted or pruned? What needs a bit more care? Lent is a time to take care of the interior garden of our soul.

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