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Thursday, March 4, 2021

What have you learned lately?

Pictures often help me to pray. I am sure you know my love of water as I use so many ocean scenes, waterfalls, etc. One of the fun suggestions that we had recently was to make a very short video of something that we have done or learned to do since everyone has been sheltering in place. I am not making a video, but did think that one of the things I have enjoyed and it is new for me is doing the crossword puzzles that appear on the back of our Oakwood Daily News. They must be easy ones as I can do them, but I find I really do look forward to this when I return to my desk after our noon meal when the daily news is distributed.

I also enjoy coloring but must confess that I am usually waiting to color when I have nothing more pressing to do and that does not seem to happen very much. I wonder what you have found to do during this time. Some explore new recipes, learn to bake or knit or sew. I think it has been a fruitful time for many, unless they are living in cramped quarters, worried about money, and having to try to help their children with distance learning. I am sure that many need our prayer as this sheltering in place seems to be the normal for many more weeks, but some of us have also found it a fruitful time. Certainly here at Oakwood the solitude has been conducive to prayer.

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