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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Annunciation

 I am alerting my readers now as I love this feast. I have missed two days of blogging and I think I just got involved in too many Zooms. Still, sometimes I feel that I need just to wait for the Holy Spirit to inspire me.

We are praying for vocations. Our Lady was quite young when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her. I asked the Westwood Community last night how old were they when they first heard the call to leave all and enter the Society of the Sacred Heart. Most of us were sure when we were still in high school, but one said she always knew she was to be a Sister even before she knew the Society. We had a great conversation about the different ways the Lord called each of us. It brought me back to the first stirrings of my own vocation. My problem is that I read Alcott's "Little Men" in fourth grade and loved it; I almost knew it by heart. I decided then and there that I would grow up like Jo, marry and have a school for boys as well as having a large family of boys at that time, but later I added girls to my imaginary family. Somehow, the Lord called me and gave me lots of children to care for and finally, when I began teaching at the University level, I had lots of young men to care for and I guess I never stopped having students to pray for and try to inspire.

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