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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

 Let us celebrate the faith of the Irish. I am so grateful for the wonderful two weeks I had in Ireland with my sister. She gave me this trip that began as a tour of the most scenic parts where we had the experience of staying in different "Beds and Breakfast" places. We then spent most of the last week visiting my RSCJ friend at our large and very ancient convent outside of Dublin, Mont Anville. From there we visited relatives in a little town near Dublin and found Lightholder Lane and the descendents of the Lightholders who are still living there on two adjacent farms. The boys married twin girls. They were so hospitable and we got to know many of the family plus we visited the graveyard where some had been buried and the site of the original land that dated back to the mid 18th century. Another sister who lived in Dublin drove us and she was so like my great Aunt Anna Lightholder that it was as though we had always known her. Some of the girls have kept in touch with my sister. 

We did not have time to look up the Murphys,(my Dad's mother) nor the McLaughlins, (my mother's mother's family) but we did go to the other side of Ireland to visit a mystic. The nuns at the convent told my sister about her so she insisted that we go.  I enjoyed the train ride as a young student sat across from us and told us interesting things about the countryside we were passing through. I guess I think of these things every time March 17th comes.

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