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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sometimes we need to stop and just be - do nothing. That is the way I felt on Thursday morning. Now, today I was supposed to be on 3 different zooms at the same time! Since that is impossible, I have sent emails to two of the hosts and I will join the GIM sharing of our experiences last Saturday. I think the follow-up is important for we deepen our guided imaery by sharing it with others. Mine was quiet simple, but had a lot of feelings involved. I was at the foot of the Andes in Chile, gazing at this gorgeous mountain in front of me with the sun having risen over the top of the mountain and now giving light and warmth to me. Since we are alwas told to tell our experience in the present tense, I will do that now.
As I stand there contemplating the grandeur of the mountain before me, Jesus comes and invites me to go up tjhe mountain with Him. He puts His arm around me and we begin to ascend the mountain by a little path. When we are about half way of, there is a sort of seat carved into the rock and so Jesus sits there with me. He is still holding me, but I have this sense of reverence and a feeling of God's presence and love that is overwhelming. I am not sure how long I sit there being filled with God's love that is now overflowing, but I look up and across the way there is a plateau and I see two groups of people. Jesus tells me that the first are those who have helped me to love God  (and let Him love me!) and the second group consists of all those I have helped to love God.
The music stopped there and I had to come back but I felt joy and gratitude plus wonder and the desire to see the faces of those is both groups. I guess I am still on the mountain with Jesus.

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