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Friday, March 5, 2021

First Friday of March

 I always love the First Fridays.

Here is a quote that appeared in our Oakwood Daily News: "Gratefulness is an extraordinary potent answer to many of our deep and far-reaching questions, inviting us to heed its invitation to live gratefully in the fullness of the moment that is here for us now."

I am trying to practice living in the present moment as I am seriously trying to remember to discern and be docile to the Holy Spirit. And that means being grateful - grateful for each moment of life, and very grateful for the daily graces showered on us.

I love the fact that Sister Be Mardel is now 103 years old and still so alert and spreading holiness around her. 

I also ask prayers for all those for whom I have promised to pray for and all in need today.

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