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Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday of the Second Week of Lent

 I am late posting today. I just had a zoom with my Spirituality Group and we are all reading James Martin's new book, Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone.  It is good to go back and think about the different ways we pray and this is a book that is easy to read but full of wisdom.

We had Mass yesterday so now I am missing it today more than ever. I was looking at the Collect and this is what we are asking in the Mass for today:

O God, who have taught us to chasten our bodies for the healing of our souls, enable us, we pray, to abstain from all sins, and strengthen our hearts to carry out your loving commands.

I guess I like the part where we ask God to strengthen our hearts so that we can always do what pleases Him. I just changed the wording to fit the way I would pray that today and am praying it. 

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