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Friday, January 15, 2010

Away Again!

I leave today for the Quad Area Meeting of RSCJs and Associates in Houston; I will not write until I return so please wait until Monday and I will share this trip with you then. It is always good to be with other Religious of the Sacred Heart and the time will fly by. I think the destruction and loss of life in Haiti will impact our meeting as we are all suffering with the victims. This tragedy has touched us deeply and we have so many Haitians here in Miami and at the University who are without news and fearing the loss of family and friends. We heard at once that our Religious was safe; only one was there at the time as the other was on a plane going to a meeting in Mexico and one was in New Orleans on sabbatical. The Religious there was at a meeting with other religious and they were able to get out and lie on the ground and were not injured. Since then, we have only heard what the news is telling us and that the Archbishop was dead and maybe as many as 100 priests and seminarians were among the 100,000 suspected dead from the quake. The pictures are heartbreaking.
Let us pray for Haiti and I will be back writing on Monday.

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