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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Hope in an Age of Despair"

Hope in an Age of Despair is the title of a book by Albert Nolan. He also wrote Jesus Today which I loved. I must confess that I have not yet read this latest book by Nolan, a South African Dominican priest, but the title has caught my attention and the talks and writings that make up the contents have drawn me to want to sit down and read it. It was published in 2009 by Orbis Books, Maryknoll. Here are a few of the headings under Part I: Background: Hope in an Age of Despair; The Art of Teaching Theology; Preaching and Contemplation; and then Part 2 is Acting Hopefully: Siding with the Cause of Justice; Part 3 is Putting God into the Picture; Part 4 is Hoping for a Better World with many interesting titles such as Gospel Values, Who is My Neighbor?, Justice in the Bible, Personal Liberation,etc.
Nolan always challenges me to live the values that Jesus came to reveal to us by his example. I look forward to reading this book.
I guess we all need hope at this time when the destruction of Haiti is before us; it is so overwhelming to know that these poor people have lost the little they had. They are still finding bodies; the hospitals are full and without what is needed still to treat the injured; people are without water, without food, without shelter. The hope comes from the response of so many in this world of ours who are doing what they can to alleviate the sufferings of those still living. One of our nuns will be going through on her way to help this week; we have not yet heard about our house in Ferrete; the one Religious who was in Haiti at the time cannot get there to check. Let us hope in this time that Nolan calls "an age of despair"!

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