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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer to St. Philippine Duchesne

This prayer was composed by Sharon Karam, RSCJ, and given to us at the Quad Area meeting. Sharon has the gift of words, a huge heart, and is an extraordinary person and a great educator. I hope you like the prayer as much as I do:
Intrepid Philippine, we come to you today to celebrate your spirit,
A spirit of longing and generosity,
A spirit of learning and tenderness,
A spirit of courage and selfishness.
You left a life of privilege early to serve the poor and called others to follow you in the footsteps of the Lord who had nowhere to lay His head.
Let us honor you today by remembering your mighty deeds and your simple hours of prayer,
Your months of waiting for letters which never came, and your nights of silent adoration,
Your single year at Sugar Creek and the hundreds of places which now bear your name,
And-challenge to us all- your legacy to do the very thing you knew best:
Pray and serve, pray and teach, pray and see who is most in need, pray and give it all away,
Be the ones who pray always.
Saint Philippine Duchesne, pray for us.

This is in bookmark form and I intend to keep it near and use it as I love our Saint but always think of her as simply "Mother Duchesne."

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