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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Wrestling with our Inner Angels"

"Wrestling with our Inner Angels" is a new book by Nancy Kehoe who is a Religious of the Sacred Heart and was here for dinner last night. I had gone to hear her speak about her book the night before and it was great to have her here as she is a Harvard psychologist who believes that asking clients about their religious beliefs should be included among all the other questions that psychologists ask their clients. Her work with mental health patients has been a real breakthrough. I read most of the book yesterday and will try to finish it today. I must confess that I spent time with the "Religious History Questionnaire" at the end of the book as I think those questions help anyone. I am going to review this book for so you can read more there. Nancy shares so much of herself in the book and how much she has learned from her mental health groups.
It continues to be cold in Miami; this is setting records as we seldom have more than one or two cool days in a row. I am going to Naples to see a friend and my sister and brother-in-law on Saturday and will take a poncho instead of a swimsuit!
I really love having the cold tap water (ours is usually lukewarm) and we have the heat on so the house is a comfortable yet one feels a bit more energetic. We have reflection group tonight so I will need to think of something hot instead of a huge friendship salad. I feel badly for the many homeless who are suffering during this cold spell and for the farmers who are working all night to keep the crops from frost. This is strawberry season here.

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