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Monday, January 4, 2010

Following the Star

Sometimes I find that one must just keep on when the star appears and then hides itself. One trusts the Lord and keeps on and I suspect that is when faith is such a help. I am not feeling very inspired while writing this as we have had so many seemingly "bad" things happen over the holidays. One little boy fell into a swimming pool and is still alive but not conscious. He is only two and it seems that his older brother had opened the door while his mother was saying goodbye to some guests and the younger child got out before anyone knew it. Then a six year old Italian boy had dinner outside on New Year's Eve at a restaurant here in Miami and then complained about an ache - they parents looked under his shirt and he had been wounded by a falling bullet; my sister-in-law is in the hospital with a numbness in her legs; it began almost a month ago and she has had every test imaginable and now the doctors think it is an infection in her spine and are treating her every eight hours. Please pray for these and their loved ones and so many others who are being killed every night and day. I think it takes a great deal of faith to keep looking for the star to lead us and I am grateful that I was given the gift of faith.

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