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Friday, January 29, 2010

London Tower Bridge

This is, of course, a historic bridge and a huge one. I had the good fortune to see it open when I was taking a river tour a few years ago on the Thames. Our boat stopped and just watched as a large, ancient mariner with very tall masts sailed slowly through. Everyone was taking pictures as they apparently seldom open the Tower Bridge! Now, what reflection is this triggering in me this morning? I think it is one of relationships; it certainly brings back wonderful memories of a delightful day with an old and dear friend who I also visited last year in London. It also makes me think of how easy it is to stay in touch today as the computer may serve as a bridge with our friends even if they live in other continents. I like the idea of the computer as a bridge.
Today one of my friends is coming from Vero Beach to spend the week end. It will be a joy to see her again. I had better go check to see if all is prepared for her and not spend more time on this bridge of a computer!

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